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I don't like 2002! I call do-overs with 2001!

Resolutions which I will try to stick to

1) Lose some damned weight. Just cause I should. But not radically or stupidly. lifestyle changes not crash diets. All that good stuff.

2) Try more stuff. Like clubs and literature and socializing and all that fun stuff

3) Be more responsible. Take control/responsibility for my own damned life. Fuck other people, it's me, it's me, and I can't get myself to go away.

4) Spend less enjoy more.

5) Be more cordial to people, less blatently antisocial.

6) Start writing again

7) Take things more seriously

8) Take things that don't matter less seriously

9) Tone down the perfectionism, don't beat myself to a bloody pulp over slippage from the pedestal I feel I need to be on.

10) Forge a brand new future like pissin' in the snow.

Oh and here's my LJ resolutions:

1) Be more open and honest in my entries. Reveal more. And post only when there's something that needs to be said

2) write better entries. Nuff said

3) Drive the invader from this journal no matter how long it takes or hard it is, until innocent internet browsers can freely read and comment on my thoughts/and life without fear of an evil force lurking around and making large numbers of tasteless and degrading comments merely for her own amusement.
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