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It's not just a daydream if you decide to make it your life

Today might turn out to be a decent day. First of all I had it explained to me that the sociology/social psychology thing is PROBABLY not a mix-up because grades are entered by call number not title, so I should end the semester with a much higher GPA than I was expecting. That is a good thing.

Also I bumped into Erin on the subway platform today, and though I walked past her without saying a word at first I decided to engage my resolution of not taking things so damned seriously, and went up to her. We talked on the train until she had to get off and it went fairly well I guess, although she told me she was taking ANOTHER trip soon and that I should email her when she got back and we should go out for coffee some time. Fool me once shame on me etc... It's wierd because we seem to get along well, but I'm not going to sweat it. I'll send her a futile email in a couple of weeks and them forget about it again. But anyway I'm glad that I went ahead and spoke to her because at least it eliminates certain feelings of inadequacy and cowardice which would otherwise come into play. Even if nothing will probably come of it externally, the internal rewards are meaningful. Go me.

Also I got even with Jeff for his fake gift by spraying him with enough cologne to keep him stinking of it for the rest of the day. My only regret there is that I told his wife it was me so he won't have to explain the perfume when he gets home. But still it was a fitting revenge.

Yep, good grades, exorcized demons, veangance upon Jeffery B from Avenue C. Not a bad day.
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