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Give me a few hours I'll have this all sorted out if my mind would just stop racing

Well all has been quiet on the Livejournal warfront for a day or so now and I don't much like it. There are three possibilities near as I figure. The enemy MAY have been blowing smoke when she claimed to be willing to fight to the death and have collapsed under a small dose of direct hostility and other things going on in her homeland...some sort of civil war her troops had to be called back home to deal with.

Another alternative is that the enemy is biding her time...slowing down the assault into border skirmishes so that they don't seem important enough to divert production power to, while she builds up a powerful invasion force in her homeland to destroy me in one fell swoop.

Or, she could be planning something terrible. Something unthought of. Something dastardly nefarious and Ingenious. Oh attack the likes of which nobody has ever seen before or shall see after. So here's my forewarning dear readers, if anything OVERLY wacky or unusual is posted here in the coming years it might not be me at all, but rather the clever and resourceful foe who seems, for the moment, to be vanquished. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, so we must have that dear readers, lest she strike at the least expected moment and cause irreconciable mayhem, thereby achieving victory.

She's outthere somewhere....vanquished or plotting....she's out there.
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