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Boo Boo Boo!

So less than a week into the New Year my foe throws in the towel and gives up the fight, leaving me with one of my LJ resolutions completed all too easily. I can't say that I'm pleased though, as it is a tainted and unenjoyable victiory (see for the horific details). Here I was, finally convinced that this was going to be a knock down drag out contest and poof, it plays out just like I said it would in the begining. She grows distracted and bored and takes her bucket and goes home. *sigh* oh well not a huge shock. Still it does reinforce how pointless putting your full effort into something is. I mean I applied a LITTLE nastyness and determination and ruined the whole contest. I thought that would just be the opening move in a grand chess match of button pushing and underhanded digs.

Anyway it's over so all the villagers and such driven out by the beast can return to comment and read again without fear in their hearts. Also Ellie, hun, I don't insult you with little or no regard to your feelings. I'm actually very careful to attack you in the spots where you're not vulnerable. If I wanted to get cruel believe me I could and I'm pretty effective at it. But I'm not prone to doing so towards anyone except those who attack me head on. I have, however, made people cry when they tried to make me feel bad. Payback's a female dog.
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