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I'm reaching out till we reach the circle's edge and you come back to me again

Well things have taken a turn for the worse for my traveling friend. He's in Rio now and his grandmother just called me to state some of his family's concerns about his situation. It sounds pretty serious, especially since he wired them asking for $500 and they sent him $100 but he never went to pick it up. His grandmother thinks he might have been murdered for his passport, but that seems doubtful to me. One thing's for sure though, he's in SOME kind of trouble. He's not the kind of dude who can go unnoticed and he's in a dangerous country. Not to mention he's rather innocent and might not realize just how troublesome such a place can be. I just hope he didn't hit on some drug lord's girlfriend or anyone's girlfriend for that matter. I'm really concerned about him...if he's not okay....I mean I didn't try to stop him from going to England because it's apretty safe country where he speaks the language, but Brazil?

I'll feel guilty if he's not okay.

Oh yeah and I got a paid acount here because I don't want my journal to be erased if they end free accounts or something. So you can reach my journal through or something similar.

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