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I went to the museum with Hee-Ann today for the art paper. We had an okay time but he's passed out in my living room right now. I guess the old (28) don't have much in the way of stamina. I'm not going to get my music paper done tonight which means it will be penalized a full grade and drag my final grade down like 3-4 points. I'm surprisingly okay with that. Ate too much at Jackson Hole, but whatever. I guess the rest of the evening will be mostly putzing around and maybe getting some of the work done for art. The main thing I'm wondering is


I mean we seemed to hit it off but for some reason or other she decided I wasn't worth her time and she gave me a pretty typical blow off. I'm okay with that. I just really wish she would give up the real estate she seems to be squatting on in my mind. I think part of it has to do with the fact that she blew me off in a manner which means that there is an 00.001% chance that we will get together at some point in the future, but regardless of that I want her out. I don't want to think anymore about all the mistakes I made or how bad the timing was. I've known guys who don't obsess this much about ACTUAL relationships and this was just a hint of a ghost of a chance at something that I would never have allowed to blossom into anything meaningful.

Women be careful around men. Give not a kind word or too many smiles lest he think you interested, for you know not what havok you wreak upon the innocent brow of a discontent youth.

I rant I rave I cry I crave and yet through it all I suffer. If this be life than take mine quick, for I cannot bear more of it. And in the taking of my breath you end an endless suffering.
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