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Why ain't I gone?

Well it looks like Paul will be alright. In another act of unacknowledged altruism I spent the better part of yesterday trying to get his grandmother some comfort about his safety by contacting and annoying just about everyone who I thought could be at all helpful. Of course Paul will HATE me for this and Gabe thinks I'm a jerk but sometimes you gotta be more mature than your peers ya know?

I got my final grade of the semester and it was an A. That brings my semester GPA to like a 3.888 and my overall GPA to a 3.784. It shouldn't be TOO tough to raise it to a 3.8 next semester. Not what I wanted but at least I maintained. And maintainence is important to me.

I did email Erin last night and I believe myself to be one of the first people to use the word unctuosity in an attempted pickup line, but nobody else seemed overly impressed. I dunno right now is just sort of about waiting for school to start and killing time. I'm too tired and distraught over a bunch of stuff to bother finishing the break with a flurry of either fun (video games and anime) or production (reading/enhanced workouts although I haven been consistant about getting on the bike.) It's too bad but whatcha gonna do? Hopefully the semester won't be too difficult and I can make it through without burning out before the summer. We'll see. But for now, for once, I don't have much to say.
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