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Too read or not too read, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous literature or to take arms against a natural instinct and die, to embarass oneself in front of her

I am currently considering whether or not to read one of the novels written by the authoress that Erin is doing her thesis on. It looks like a pretty interesting novel and it's not all that long, but really, as my clever readers have already surmise, this ain't about the book.

She knows I have the book because she's seen me with it (long embarassing story I don't want to go over here on account of it shows what a huge DWEEB I am) so not reading it may show disinterest or that I just purchased it to impress her (which is obviously true.) On the other hand if I DO read the book and she never gets back to me I will feel like, no matter HOW good a book it is, I wasted my time and invested too heavily in something I KNEW I wasn't going to get. There is also the chance that in trying to speak intelligently about the content of the book I will say something she disagrees with and look like a huge ass. So do I just admit what a big stupid geek I am and show some interest by reading it, setting myself up for an even harder blow when she blows me off, or do I play it cool and shallow and risk not having anything to SAY to her when I get my one chance at the plate, up against Nolan Ryan throwing the kinda heat he used to toss out during his prime (Look it up Lene). I'm leaning towards doing the reading but it just adds to my investment. Ugh...why did I have to take up playing the hedges. CAn somebody get me a damned municipal bond here? Christ I feel like Wayne Chrebet in full stretch for the ball with John Lynch bearing down on me full bore, eyes like simmering coal. I want a relationship where the emotional metaphor involves golf!
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