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All I need is some inspiration before I do somebody some harm

Eh who'm I kidding? It was a nice little fantasy while it lasted but she's not going to respond and even if she is she's not interested. The actual world as it exists is so far removed from my experience that it often takes a hard whack in the head to right the keel of my boat that's sailing on lake crazy. She's out of my reach and out of my rights to even muse over. Best to move on. So you won't find more whining here about minute details regarding her, just perhaps a few wistfull soliloquis on what might have been.

Also I've realized that I can't be fighting this stupid fight with JING of all people in my journal because A) It's the type of conversation that goes much better in person when you can interupt and question other people much more effectively and B) It's RUINOUS to the whole purpose of the journal which is for me to express myself, record my feelings and thoughts, and interact with random passerbyes who for some bizzare reason find me interesting. Heck Jing and his minions have already driven away Dr. X. and surely no random journaler is going to want to mess with JLY. So to sum up, no more small minute whines about Erin, no more attempted arguments with Jing, and back to the original mission of the journal. Damn the torpedoes FULL SPEED AHEAD!
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