Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Corruption and Greed, Corruption and Greed, go together like a bong and weed.

Enron. A company that was actually lucky to collapse when it did, in the wake of the world trade center disaster when nothing seems to matter quite as much as the war on terrorism. The thing is that Enron is REPRESENTATIVE of how this country works, and it's a scary picture. The more news comes out about Enron the more one wonders where the government AND The media were in this. Well the government was busy lining its pockets, but the media has almost less of an excuse. The media was busy reporting on Eminem's new movie and "fashion of the times". Enron didn't pay taxes for 4 out of 5 years, actually got a REFUND on the taxes it didn't pay *boggle* bilked its stock holders and employees out of BILLIONS of dollars, and now wants bankruptcy protection. Fuck that they should take every Cent Kenneth Lay has or ever will make and give it to the people he cheated. You shouldn't be able to set up a company which produces NOTHING, cheat the government out of scads of money through illegal account in the caiymans, and then cash out as your company crashes and burns. I don't understand how government people who have a roof over their heads and a chicken in their pot can allow this to go on under their watch. Have they no shame, or at least empathy for the poor? Why does Enron deserve to be able to not pay taxes while some poor working stiff making 30k a year can be nailed on evasion? How do you JUSTIFY it? I mean how do you let it go down on your watch and not feel like an absolute SHITHEAD? There's something that I fundementally don't understand. Our society is partially premised on the idea that there are brilliant, deep, meaningful people out there and that they find themselves in important positions. That capitalism is somehow synonymous with meritocracy. But it seems more and more as the days pass that the ruthless and not even all that cunning are the ones who profit from the system as its set up. The small tweaks of patronage and pork have become huge gashes in our socioeconomic fabric which allows all the muck and feces of the world to soak on in.

And while it's all good to sit around and say stuff like this, I wonder sometimes what I should do about it. Do I have what it takes to make an actual difference on any sort of meaningful scale? Do I have what it takes to try. I don't know. But the more I recover my self esteem and sense of self the less I feel sure about a straight academic path towards research science. The more I feel the pull of the political, the legal, the literary, the nebulous realm of humanities and humanity calling me. And Enron is an example of the sort of thing that needs to be changed. But am I someone who could have a shot at changing that sort of thing? I don't fucking know, I guess nobody does till they try, but it'd sure suck to try and fail. Just some more mental cud to chew at while I wait for the next semester at the academic sausage factory.
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