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Sorry Jesus, you're expelled

I've been reading a lot of conservative advice columns recently and one thing that you cannot avoid if you do that is Jesus. As a non-believing Jew he's not my favorite guy, but the more I read what they have to say with an open mind, the more I start to understand their point. Jesus doesn't deserve the bum rap he's been getting lately. I mean I'm all for seperation of church and state, but do we REALLY need to treat religion like it's some sort of horrible disease? All of the great secular heroes of our past paid at least lipservice to religion and it didn't seem to make them UNDULY intollerant etc. Also it seems a bit rediculous to be so stodgy about matters of religion on the grounds that it forments prejudice and violence when we don't censor prejudice or violence to nearly the extent we do religion.

I understand the concept of keeping religion out of the schools to prevent opression of people who do not believe in christianity, but then shouldn't we keep feminism and all the rest of it out too? I mean isn't it rather ARROGANT to say that certain political beliefs are okay to discuss while others are taboo and label that tolerance? I think we are beyond the point now where Christianity is such a dominant cultural force that people are exposed to it everywhere to the point of being able to assume that everyone is familiar with it. I think that we are past the point where feminism and other political agendas are so fringe that nobody will encounter them at all unless we make sure to teach them. What we are doing is simply supplanting one set of political ideologies with another, and that's not really fair. It should be both or neither. Voluntary prayer should be allowed on school grounds just as feminist/non christian religion is. Jesus shouldn't be a leper. I think that liberals have been used to being the underdog for so long that they haven't updated their attitudes and strategies for a world where they are in the mainstream. I don't believe in the bible and I don't think it should be forced on anyone, but maybe it's time we stopped treating it like it was a horrible evil thing and let those who wish to use it to guide their lives do so. That might improve the moral character of our society...even if its not through the means (logic and ethics) that I would prefer.
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