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I step down

I find it interesting that I can be a really unpleasant person at times. I mean I always knew I was judgemental and hot tempered but it turns out that if you piss me off and make me feel like you're not giving me my due I can really turn the screws. Food for thought.

I watched the climax to the Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto arc today and it got me thinking about love and whether someone who is truly "bad" can love. Like how Yumi loved Shishio, but they were both horrible nearly irredeemable people. Can a guy like Kenneth Lay really love anyone? How could you so willingly damage other people's loves if you had an inkling of what it would be like to lose your own? Is morality and personal worth always such a murky shade of gray? Sure my example is based on low-brow fiction but it's something I've always kind of wondered about. Would a ruthless businessman who has ruined other people and split families apart just to make MORE money than he already has (which is in turn more than he will ever spend) risk his life for his wife? His child? His pet? How deep do greed and selfishness go and how deep can love penetrate. I mean I know that it's possible for such a businessman to be unable to form human connection, but is the opposite possible too?

Just something to think about, my main post is about how unpleasant I can be around EVERYONE. For some reason I just have this tendancy to snap at people, even people I don't know well and really don't want to snap at. I once snapped at Erin, although I'm not going to get into it right now because I said I'd stop obsessing about her. I guess I'm just an unpleasant person at times. Not always though. One of these days I'll have to figure out what exactly sets it off and use that knowledge for self betterment. For now, though, I am content to ponder it. At least it's a bit humbling which I can use now and then.
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