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When you want to be with me then we will see who'se fucking with my head

Well it's getting on in the afternoon and no word. I can only assume that she's not going to contact me and arrange a meeting. Could be a bunch of reasons, like that she sent the email saturday night and I responded sunday night and she might not have checked her mail on sunday/this morning or she might have changed her mind or just forgotton or made other plans. Yada yada. That's all good and fine. But I can't keep doing this to myself. So I am going to put this stupidity of mine back into the vault where it belongs and just try to get back over her. If she actually suggests a specific place and tiem to meet I'll go ahead but there's no point in continually getting my hopes up only to have them dashed over and over. I'm a bit too fragile for that. On the bright side I guess this does leave me with my fantasies although they will be dormant for a couple weeks due to the events that transpired. *shrug* life goes on though, time to start thinking about school. Maybe even do some reading since I have my books now.

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