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I still have 2 classes left to finish this semester but what I'm really looking foreward to is subbing for Hee-Ann's GED course. It gives me a chance to see whether I have what it takes to teach a volunteer class without my risking the student's educations for more than a couple days, and if I feel that I do an adequate job I definitly will be teaching a class next semester. I want to get out there and volunteer, help people, make a difference. But I want to do it alone and in a task that involves challange and intellectual rigor. Teaching a GED course would definitly fulfill all of those requirements. For now though I need to finish the work for my below high school quality music class Ugh. I'm also pretty tired even though I got a lot of sleep. Maybe Aerobed is an Aerobust? Okay this entry is not going well so I think I'm gonna end it. I'll write more later if later there is more to write.
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