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I wonder what it's like

Yesterday was the first day I have actually enjoyed in the last couple of weeks. It wasn't anything special, just anime and then a really bad movie with Hee-Ann (Saving Silverman which answers the question of what would happen if someone made a teen-movie without even bothering to PRETEND to have a coherent script. It was watchable though, mostly because of Jack Black's antics and the pure cheese factor). We also watched the boxing on HBO which was quite good including a big knockout and the dethroning of the guy generally accepted as the pound for pound champ. And then we went out late at night in search of some dinner. New York can be a pretty laid back place at 11:30 AM and we sort of wandered down to 90th street and a decent all night diner. On the way we saw a homeless guy pushing a big cart full of stuff which got knocked over making a huge clatter. I looked at it of course (People naturally glance at loud noises unless they are specifically trying not to do so) and he said something like "It's really attractive right?" I thought it was just in good fun so I replied "Yes, it's quite fetching" and then he got all pissed and started calling me names. It was a little reminder of how it never pays to be open or jovial in New York City. Also made me briefly flare up with anger at homeless people's attitude that they own the street even though they don't do anything to support the government that maintains it or have any more right to it than anyone else, but frankly most of them are such sad stories it's hard to stay mad at them.

Anyway watching boxing and eating bad Moussaka at an incredibly overpriced greasy spoon (10 bucks for a serving of Moussaka? At least it came with a half decent greek salad with some delicious fresh feta) was nice, and so was actually hanging out with someone. Although I was definitly all shelled up and self protective because we didn't talk about anything of importance all night and I didn't even try to push the issue.

Now I'm tired because I didn't get home till 3:00 AM (Yeah we walked through riverside park really late at night which was part of the fun of it, being teenagerish and taking moronic risks for little gains with no thoughts for the future) and I have to start doing some reading for my classes on monday and preparing myself for a week of school. But at least I'm feeling better and I did manage to relax more. There's some stuff I'll post about later in terms of thoughts etc but for now there's championship football and homework.
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