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It might as well be my fault

Yesterday just sort of rolled on past without making an impact at all. I watched some rather mediocre football, slept a good deal, and generally wasted time, although I did see a halfway decent Gene Hackman/Morgan Freeman film called "Under Suspicion" or something like that. Anyway I didn't get my reading done which means I need to pop out to Labyrinth this morning and pick up Utilitarianism by J.S. Mills. I'm trying to decide whether to drop JUSTICE because of the quizes or Anthropology because it's a TON Of reading and it's not as interesting looking. All this is made infinitly worse by my mother's return from foreign lands. She is a class A psycho bitch who infects time with her babbling, whining, and over all unpleasantness which pervades everything she does. She demands that I hand over the dinner I ordered for myself (I was too tired and bummed to bother cooking) and then complains about what I ordered. Please note that I ordered it before she came home and had no idea that she was going to steal it.

I have more to say but I really need to get going if I'm going to prep for a possible quiz. *sigh* I spent more time last night helping a nameless friend with his homework than I did doing mine. I should probably change that.

Here's a wacky news story though if you're interested in such things. To keep you warm until my return.
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