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Irritating tales from Academia

Okay I should be doing more of my JUSTICE reading (I read one of the articles and it was actually pretty interesting) but right now I'm fuming too much about the god damned Columbia bookstore. It's run by Barnes and Nobles but it might as well be run by a bunch of retarded chimpanzees. I just went there to pick up some books for 3 classes. One of the classes was missing one book (JUSTICE) but that was understandable because although it is a large class it is not exactly a core of the university experience. That's excusable. What's not excusable is that they DON'T HAVE ANY COPIES OF THE INTRO TO STATISTICS TEXTBOOK. I mean intro to statistics is a required course for at least two BIG majores at Columbia...economics (what the school is best known for) and psychology (not exactly a small, dying academic field.) Not to even MENTION statistics majors. And it wasn't like they had ordered a huge number of the books and just run out cause I got there late. They had only ordered 44 copies. There are more than 44 students in my Stat class alone and I KNOW that there are other sections. How do these snafus occur year after year? I mean we pay too much for textbooks as is (Not that they shouldn't be priced that high, but major universities should discount somewhat and have a nicer exchange policy) and then we have to pay outrageous prices for coursepacks that contain lame articles anyway and the LEAST we could expect is half brained service. How do you order 44 textbooks for 150 students? I sometimes wonder how America got any power at all when our average citizenry is this FUCKING stupid. I can only guess it's even worse in other countries. Now I've got to go do hard intellectual labor which has been stunted by intense stupidity. The elite can topple when the working class fails to do their jobs. An interesting lesson in social checks and balances.
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