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Used to be so in control

Well it's official, this semester SUCKS. Last night Hee-Ann came over and for the first time in about 3 years or so...I was forced to actually do HOMEWORK. Yes this came as a huge shock to me. See I've pretty much been skating along on my intelligence and writing skills for the past year (about how long I've been back at school) and haven't done anything so pedestrian as like read the assigned material or actually do homework. But I'm in statistics now, a class where 70% of the grade is based on homework, so I could avoid it no longer. I was forced to actually sit down and work out the answers to some pretty easy problems, and then transfer them neatly on to another sheet of paper so they looked like they had been done by a human being and not a large slightly deranged dog.

Total time spent actually working on problems= 25 minutes
Total time spent transfering neatly to new sheet= 45 minutes.

After I finished stats I went to the couch to do my Japanese History reading so I could write a response and promptly fell asleep (This isn't the first time I've INTENDED to do work) when I awoke at 2 AM briefly Hee-Ann was there at the Kitchen table still busily working away (Wow you mean he didn't take it upon himself to do some grout work in my bathroom or hide my silverware? he IS mature) And then gone the next time I woke up. But the net result is that I have to start doing reading EARLY this morning so I can get my response in on time. Life kinda sucks that way. At least I have no GED class today so I'll be able to get some proper sleep. But I don't like this whole "homework" thing. Not one bit.

Oh and I'm still not sure on Anthropology. I kinda enjoy the material but the instructor is a flaming relativist He's one of those "Well it depends on how you DEFINE change" guys who you have to battle for about an hour to pin down on any sort of matter of comparative fact. Also I'm not sure if I want to take 19 credits considering how tired and emotionally run down I am.

I have recently remembered one of the reasons I hate SUPER hard sciences like math or physics. It's all about getting the "right" result, the same result everyone else got. There's not much room for inovation or deep thought at the lower levels. Statistics is boring for that reason.

Oh well back to my Japanese reading which is actually pretty interesting. I'm gonna send in this homework at the last minute but what's new there?
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