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And that's about the time she walked away from me, nobody likes you when you're 23 and are still more amused by TV shows. What the hell is wrong with me?

Whelp I guess I'll soon be learning how this whole new "Keep busy" attitude is working out for me. I handed in my JUSTICE paper today after writing it over the course of last night and this morning. I actually fell asleep writing the paper and ended up finishing the rough draft between 2-3 AM. Then I woke up at 7:00 and got writing again by 7:45. I did some polishing of the paper, as much as time would allow, and then printed it out, saved it to disc and headed off to Japanes History Discussion section. I should point out that I clearly was not thinking well at this point because not only did I misplace the printed copy of the paper but I thought I was out of printing paper even though there was a full ream in clear view. Anyway I went to Japanese history discussion section and it was very lame. The TA is by far the most literal, dweeby, uninteresting one I have encountered in awhile. He isn't BAD per se but he has a very curious notion of how things should come out and runs his discussion section very strangely. Oh well. I wasn't paying particular attention since I was thinking about my JUSTICE paper, but the class just seemed very fractured and wierd. After class I headed to the psych library to finish editing my paper but the computers there were all unplugged for some reason so I actually ended up using the computer lab in Lerner (remember my power was off at home so I had to use school equipment) It was okay although I felt a bit self conscious about writing in public. I managed to do some editing to improve my paper somewhat, but I didn't really like the end product. It had to do with the structure I was using more than the content but I couldn't figure out a way to change the structure without COMPLETELY rewriting the paper which I didn't have time to do, so I just nipped and tucked and tried to improve the wording and find room to add slight logical improvements. Then I went to class and handed it in. The discussion section for Justice ROCKED again. We talked about Kant and Professor Johnston cleared up a lot of issues. I made some more useful comments although I wasn't right every time which wasn't too enjoyable, but at least when I was wrong I felt I learned something. That girl with the strange hand gestures was there but she didn't make her move this time, only asking one rather minor question, so although I slipped out of Alpha Dog status I wasn't replaced by anyone in particular. She did however laugh both at my jokes (I made a rather funny comment about weaseling around Kantian morality through manipulation of the semantics of the catagorical imperative and one about Kitty Email) and at the HILARIOUS impression Professor Johnston did of a guy trying to argue someone else out of commiting murder by appealing to his ultimate desire of being a good Kantian rationalist (not everybody laughed but it was one of the funniest things I have EVER heard) and when class was over she aimed one of the FREAKIEST looking impressions of a smile I have ever seen in my general direction although not neccesarily at me in particular. It was either a "Hey we're the two most involved people in this class" smile or a "You fucked up and I'm going to claim your spot in the student heiarchy where I should have been to begin with" smile. I'm not sure. I avoided eye contact after that and hurried out.

When I got home the power was back on and I started to write this, which brings me back to what I meant about finding out how the schedule effects me. You see I'm used to the last minute late night paper writing but usually I have more time to ruminate about it before I sit down and write it. This time I was too busy to give it much thought and I'm not sure how that will effect the quality. I am not going to judge it myself just see what grade I get. It's not a huge deal no matter what because it's only 5 percent of the grade, but we shall see.

Anyway I should get going now because I have ANOTHER discussion section (3rd today) in 15 minutes. Heh I'm a little tired of being this damned busy. I realize that my journal has become very literal and life reporting rather than philosophical and ruminating and I don't like that. But writing a good rumination is harder than writing a good report of some fact. Tonight I'll try to get something meaningful in.

Final note I'm not drouping the pounds as quick as I'd like and it's kind of upsetting. I really have improved in many ways in terms of my eating/exercise habits but I'm not seeing much of an effect except much more well defined arms. MAybe I'll have to take some more drastic measures. Finally this week winds down. Another fourteenth of the semester done with. I think I can survive and do okay with this workload but we'll see. Now Anthro discussion, later relaxation/excercize/rumination tonight READING. If I don't catch up on my reading a little I'm sunk.

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