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No Justice in JUSTICE

Well *sigh* I got my first paper back from Justice and it was a B-. Not a good grade but not a huge surprise. I wrote it quickly, there was not NEARLY enough room to say what I wanted to say, and the TA didn't like my font use. Not to mention the whole no power thing the day it was due. Frankly I'm disapointed but I have to focus on the future. It is only 5% of the grade which means only 1 point off my final grade. NOt really a huge deal...I've definitly done worse. I know where my mistakes were and I KNOW I'm towards the top of this class so my second paper is going to be a far superior one. Besides I have bigger fish to fry in my psychology exam and I KNOW that class participation will make up for this slipup. So basically I'm upset and disapointed but I can't worry about that now and I have to keep going. Still I'm pissed that she misinterpreted a LOT of what I wanted to say ONLY because I didn't have room in the paper to flesh it out. I had a paragraph explaining why I didn't think Kant applied to the situation but I had to cut it and hope she'd get what I meant just through a sentence. She didn't. Page limits are REALLY irritating for someone who writes and thinks like I do. But next paper is 4 pages so I WILL do better. I WILL
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