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Mistakes of cowardice

Well I just took my psych test and I think I did pretty well. I feel like I aced the take home and I got all the short answers right. There were about 7 multiple choice I wasn't sure of but even if I get 3-4 of them wrong that still leaves me able to screw up a BIT of the short answer/take home and get in the high 80's low 90's. If I get REAL lucky I could get a 94. Not bad considering how POORLY I studied for the test and I feel like I'm definitly going to get at least an 80 so I will be in position to make a decent grade in the class. After the B- on the Justice paper which was pretty disapointing this is good news. I do have a JUSTICE paper due friday which I will devote a lot more work to but I also have a TON of reading to catch up on so I will be busy this week. That's okay though, I think I'll survive. Right now my biggest worry is anthropology. It has gotten away from me and although I am one of the best participaters in class if we had a test right now I would know NOTHING. I just need to skim some of the readings to get familiar with some names/terminology since I understand most of the methodology from lecture. I have a lot of work to do but I will make myself do it and survive this semester. The Justice paper comes first though becuase I REALLY want to do well in that class and I am kicking myself over the last paper. It's only 5 percent it's only 5 percent. I'm going to go kick back a little since I've been stressing out all day and then I'll post something about some emotional stuff later tonight. Don't touch that browser!
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