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So scream you

There's nothing like a nice 9 AM dentist apointment to make you happy and healthy and irritated. It turns out that I do need gum surgery and that really annoys me, for a variety of reasons not the least of which is that it will keep me from talking for a couple days (There are people who aren't reading this but who know me who would be cheering right now if it wasn't for the fact that they aren't reading this.) and that it's not my fault. See I followed the dentist's regiment of oral care (Well..ALMOST) and I did manage to shrink my gums back down to normal size everywhere except around my crowns which were badly put on. So basically all my oral care was for naught because the problem lay with a previous dentist's work. Plus I need to get a wisdom tooth removed tomorrow and it's probably gonna hurt, and I'm going to have to suck it up to study with Derrick on saturday which means I'll probably be a bit irritable.

You know it's often the smaller obligations in life that are the most annoying. Like the elevator in my building is out of service now for about a year so I need to walk down the stairs whenever I want to leave the house and bribe the doormen etc to take me up in the elevator when I want to enter. And this dental shit. I have a JUSTICE paper due tomorrow and I can't focus on it because I've got so much other stuff to keep straight. I'll just have to put aside the whole evening for the paper and suck it up I guess.

Although ironically I probably could have written the whole thing yesterday instead of posting a mammoth 3 page single space list of questions about the lecture to the JUSTICE courseworks discussion board. That's how you really make friends in a class, go to a message board which only has one other question posted on it and just post a huge list of questions about minor issues that you think expose weaknesses in the arguments made in class. The thing is I vastly prefer discussion to writing in response to questions, I like my thought to be freeform and as thoroguh as I like without space constraints.

But that ain't how it works in the world. Maybe I should just chuck it all, drop out of school find a job somewhere and try to concern myself with living the life I want rather than trying to ACHIEVE something (I don't try for education in the hopes of getting money or prestige, I do it because it seems to be the route to take if one wants to DO something in the world.) Maybe I should focus on personal fulfillment in the personal sphere.

Maybe I should just shut up and do some reading before my next class. Decisions Decisions.
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