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All night long

Well today has certainly not been one to remember. I was up till 3 AM working on my JUSTICE paper last night because I just wasn't sure what to say, and I only managed about 3.5 hours of sleep in between ending the first draft and getting up to edit. This is not optimal. I'm not proud of how the paper turned out but it was a good deal better than the first one I turned in. If I get a B+ that means that 20% of my JUSTICE grade will be around a B. That's not exactly a GOOD Thing but I can probably recover and make an A-. I don't know, I have a real problem with the assignments he gives but I enjoy the class so much I don't want to drop it just because I'm afraid I won't get a good grade.

During Japanese history discussion section my head was relatively clear so I managed to get some quotes for my paper and to make some decent comments in the class. I multi-task well so it wasn't a big deal, but things got progressively worse. After Japanese History I headed to the Lerner computer lab to finish the editing on the paper and the insertation of quots (I realized that I had summarized a LOT of arguments from one article for the class so to avoid plagurism I went and pulled quotes from the article to support what I had said and make it clear where the material was from) I could feel my focus and attention start to wane as I put the finishing touches on the paper and printed it out. Then came the long long slide. During my JUSTICE discussion section I fell from my usual lofty perch to just "one of the talkative students" due to sheer exhaustion. Rivalchick had seen that the professor wasn't going to be there so she handed in her paper and split, leaving the basket completely unguarded. But instead of swishing the ball through like Byrd in his prime I made like Shaq at the free throw line and chucked up some bricks. Thankfully the class ended early before I could really humiliate myself and I went home. Unfortunatly once I got home I decided against sound judgement and sanity to go ahead with my workout only a little lighter than usual. At the end of that my eyelids felt like they were several times their normal weight. Then I did something even stupider. I went to Anthropology discussion section. There I made a slip up. I made an incorrect comment aboutt he material that revealed I hadn't read it that I couldn't cover up. I managed to hedge a little but it was obvious that I was flat out wrong. Grr....I shouldn't have GONE but I was hoping to see Derrick there and, well, once I was there and nobody was talking I was in real danger of falling asleep. It will take me several weeks to rebuild my rep as the sheriff of that class and I might even have to do some of the reading. Stupid Ben, don't play with fire if you don't want to get burned.

I should note though that the girl who put the nail in my coffin in my incorrect comment came up to me on the street corner as I was heading home and said "We still like you even if you think that history has to be written" which irritatingly proves my recent theory that making bad comments makes me seem approachable. GRR. At this rate I hope that nobody ever talks to me again!

After that class I went home for a little, had some lunch, and headed off to the dentist's. Once there I sat around for an hour and finally had the very pleasurable experience of having an orthodontic surgeon describe in grisly detail just what he intended to do to me, the possible risks of this procedure including but not limited to permanent loss of feeling/taste in my mouth, and how many hundreds of dollars he wanted in return for this 40 minute surgery. I tried to listen but all I could think about was sleep.

Anyway after that I did some chores and headed home where I'm about to now collapse. I guess this was a wakeup call that I have GOT to get my shit in order in terms of school. It hasn't been the first one but I hope it's the last one needed.
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