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The world is collapsing around our ears

Today has been pretty good. It started at 11:30 when Jeff showed up (He was late but it wasn't a big deal.) We went for a walk and had a serious conversation about actual things in the world beyond my psyche/emotional state. It was nice to talk to somebody that I respect intellectually and personally, and to be able to say some random stuff I'd been thinking to someone who could respond in an intelligent and meaningful manner. Plus I know Jeff thinks of himself as a mentor figure to me (I agree with that assesment somewhat although I do feel that the whole therapy relationship creates a degree of seperation that can't completely be bridged) and it was nice to re-establish a bit of that relationship which has lapsed into near non-existance recently. I know he's been busy but still, it was good to at least have a chance to talk to him outside of a theraputic setting. The only thing that pissed me off a bit was when he mentioned the gift he got me for my birthday (which was fairly late.) He seemed a bit upset that he hadn't recieved a proper thank you but the reason he hadn't was that I had sent one to his wife (who actually purchased it) and jokingly told her not to mention it to him. So I HAD sent a thank you, it just hadn't been to him. But *shrug* I'm just sort of nitpicking. It was very nice for him to take time out of his schedule to visit me.

After Jeff I walked downtown to the Lincoln Square theatre to see Lord Of The Rings (as I previously stated had been my intention.) On the way there I had the odd experience of being propositioned to join the Jehova's witnesses by an Asian woman with broken English. When she first started talking to me I figured she was in one of my classes so I tried to be reasonably nice and then she whipped out this bundle of Christian literature and I was like "WTF is this? FOBs for Jesus?" I told her I was Jewish and I dashed off but it was still a wierd experience. I guess she just caught me off guard because one doesn't usually think of the Jehova's witnesses as being recent imagrents from China.

Lord of the Rings was as good as other people said. It's 3 hours but it's paced almost TOO fast and there are certain scenes which blow by so fast it's like they are almost not worth having in the film at all. I'm glad I saw it in the theatres though since it was GORGEOUS and I love fantasy movies and all. I am looking forward to the DVD which should have some deleted scenes to flesh things out a bit (mmmm....4 hour fantasy movie dvd...) The movie did get me thinking about nature with all the vistas and I will make a concerted effort to get out of the city more often and experience some. I like nature. (I talked about this briefly with Jeff too which is probably why it was on my mind when I was watching the film) It also reminded me of a fantasy story I've been kicking around in my head for a few years now. Maybe I should sit down, map it out, and actually write it. I have no pretentions of being able to produce a commercially viable (or even worth reading by other people) text but it would be fun and I think I do have SOME original stuff in it. It would definitly be a better use of my saturday mornings than watching "The Mummy" and "Yu-Gi-Oh". Of course it'll probably suck and be abandoned within a month, but still I might just go ahead and try it.

I was pretty relaxed today and I didn't have many "deep" thoughts, also I was fairly tired due to lack of sleep but it was still a pretty decent day and I will make up the homework tonight and tomorrow. There were a couple annoying things though. The first of them was when I went to go home on the subway and the freaking metrocard dispenser in the lincoln square station was only taking coins (I had walked down to the theatre from my house which is about 2 and a half miles, so I didn't have a metrocard or token, but I didn't want to walk back up) and there was nobody in the booth. Lincoln square is a pretty busy station so it was wierd that they had nobody staffing the booth at 5:30 on a Sunday. The other irritating thing was that when I got home I saw that Aaron had posted my HOME address here in my journal. I don't like my personal info going out on the internet and I REALLY don't appreciate having my home address posted in my journal. I have NO clue what he was thinking doing that, but I intend to have some stern words with the Expatriot. I don't know who exactly reads this thing and if there are people who do and don't like it I don't want them having my me paranoid or whatever but it isn't appreciated, and I think it's a real violation of my right to privacy and common decency for him to have done it.


Cheesiest line from Lord Of the Rings: "Nobody Tosses a Dwarf!"

Cheesiest line from upcoming Spiderman flick: "Slow down! You're not Superman!"

And I enjoyed being outside of my house for an extended period for the first time in awhile. I should DO stuff more often. Also I feel compelled to mention that I missed some of the commercials in front of Lord of the Rings (I got there AS it was starting because Amazon's listings were off by half an hour) and I didn't get upset like I do when I miss previews. That's the one good thing about the new trend of commercials in front of movies (WHich we pay TEN BUCKS to see I might add, TEN BUCKS and we are forced to endure commercials) they give you a longer grace period if you arrive a little late.
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