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Old School Soldiers

Well today has started out pretty well. I did some of my reading for Justice before I went and the class was pretty good. There was an incedent during class that actually made me feel pretty good about myself. See I made a comment and the professor basically said that it was flat out wrong (He gave explanations for why it was wrong and gave me a chance to rebut but basically he wasn't hearing any of it and acting like it was a fairly flimsy argument) but I still thought it had merit. He also said something that I thought was flat out wrong in terms of interpreting one of the works in the course pack. I knew I'd been making a lot of not so great comments in class over the second half of last week so I felt a little hesitant about advancing my argument on account of I might just end up looking stupid. But I decided that if I didn't try and just accepted intellectual defeat I might never have the courage to put my views out there again unless I was one hundred percent sure I was correct, and that's not how academics should work. I'm a student, part of my participation should be making mistakes and having them corrected by the supposedly more experienced and knowledgeable professors (I say supposedly because some of the TAs are not neccesarily so much more knowledgeable) and that's a GOOD thing. I always tell me GED students that if they aren't making mistakes they shouldn't be there becuase they can already ace the test so they don't NEED my help, and to some extent this is true about college students too (although the diploma DOES have value outside the knowledge it represents).

So I screwed my courage to the sticking place and I walked down to where the professor was gathering his papers (It's a "Stadium seating" classroom that holds 100 and takes up space on two floors so that walk is kinda intimidating in and of itself) and presented my arguments. He agreed to my interpretation of the text quickly (Apparently he had just forgotten the exact argument presented) and after about a minute conceded that my other argument had merit even though he didn't agree with it.

(Basically I was arguing that from a utilitarian perspective you could imprison armed robbers longer than embezelers because it would take more to deter someone desperate enough to resort to armed robbery and society needs more protection from an armed robber than it does from an embezeler whereas his argument was that because an embezeler derives more benefit from his crimes than an armed robber, utilitarianism which states in part that deterent measures should ideally be only a bit more harmful than the man's crime was helpful would punish the embezeler more severly. The thing is that I think that if you just collapsed prisons together and sent embezelers to the same prisons as armed robbers it would require less time in that prison to deter embezelers than armed robbers. This is based partially on a book I read of prison writings by a man whose code name was Red Hog which profoundly altered my thoughts on the American prison system.)

I then told him that one of my family friends had asked me to pass on his regards (He told me to say hi but I figure it's the equivalent) and walked away feeling proud of myself and having restored some confidence in my intelligence in myself and maybe the prof (Of course I still looked like a moron in front of the whole class but if I had argued further during class I would have cost the prof even more time and he keeps complaining about how far behind he is. Some perceptions aren't worth changing and if people want to think I'm stupid without getting to know me that's their business. All that matters is what I think and to a lesser extent what those who are grading me think) Then when I got home Charles called and cancelled our workout which is normally not a good thing except today I have lots of homework and I'm busy from 2:30-7:30 with school and Jeff and I wanted to write this entry so I'm kinda glad it happened this time. I should probably workout on my own some time today but I have no idea when I would.

I am anxious to learn my psychology test result because it will be a good indicator as to how I'm doing this semester, better than the Justice paper was. I have good reason to hope it will be a reasonably high grade. The only bothersome thing gradewise (besides the Justice paper) is that I never got my first STATA homework back for Statistics. Mrs. "I'd-Rather-Be-Fucking-A-Big-Dicked-Carpenter" is the one grading them so I wouldn't be surprised if she lost a couple (I wasn't the only one who didn't get it back) entered 0 in the grade and merrily skipped off to get drunk and laid.

I want to write a "deeper" entry at some point but I doubt I'll have time tonight. I also honestly don't have that much "deep" stuff to say at the moment because I've just been chillin like a villain but that's all the more reason to do some introspection and consider some stuff I've been putting off. Deep thinking is a ton of fun for me and I haven't been able to do much of it recently. Gotta rectify it. No Kawah that's not a gay joke.
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