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The World is Gonna Roll me

So I got a 92 on my abnormal psych test which is within the acceptable range. I was expecting a 94 so a 92 isn't shocking. Of course I thought I'd lose ONLY on the multiple choice and I lost most of my points in other areas. That kinda surprised me. The deducting weren't particularly fair but the TAs are jerks so I should've expected it. At least I know what to do differently next time to deal witht he situation.

Today in Anthropology a thing similar to what happened in JUSTICE happened where I made a comment that was dismissed in class and then admitted to be correct or at least valid when talking to the prof afterwards. Not a trend I like. At least Derrick and I should be meeting up on saturday. That's incentive for me to catch up in my studies, and I need one. Yikes I'm behind.

Also I feel the need to mention that Jeff gave me $5 for cabfare back to school after our apointment today (He started a bit late and we ended with not quite enough time for me to get home via subway) and I KNEW it was a test to see if I'd take it or reject it like I always used to on the basis of not violating the patient/therapist relationship. Well I took it this time to see how he'd react. I fully intend to return it. He didn't react but I'm expecting a "Gotcha!" pretty soon. Just wanted him to know I was ON to his sick little game, you can't catch BEN that easily.

Stay Tuned later for Ben's Thoughts on Romantic love. Socratic's Livejournal: All Ben, All The Time. Watch for it.

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