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Well I had my last real music class and it was not so bad. That's because the instructor didn't really teach it, she just showed movie clips and presentations. Anyway after class a bunch of us were standing around and talking about the test, and trying to explain to this one girl who thought she was going to fail the class if she didn't ace the test that nobody can fail a graduating senior who made a serious effort in the class on a bullshit core cirriculum class.

Anyway after that group broke up I was standing around and talking to that girl and a pretty cool guy from the class. We talked for like 15-20 minutes and then we had to all go home so the guy went one way and the girl and I went another way. We stopped outside the campus gates to talk for a few minutes more and then it started to rain and it was late so we headed out, but before we went our seperate ways she asked if we could trade telephone numbers.

Now I realize that this was a purely academic issue, she is worried about the test and I am the guy who talks most in class so she wants to study with me. She is also holding a big study session, with the whole class, tomorrow which I can't attend cause of prior commitments. Anyway this is no big deal except I realize now that this summer I have gotten contact information for two girls, and though both times it was for legitamate reasons, both times they were also the prettiest girls in the classes. I assume this is just coincedence, but am I subconciously discriminating based on looks?

That would be totally unfair of me considering my opinions on the matter.

I wonder if I am being more available or friendly around attractive women than I am around women I don't find attractive. This would not be a big shocker considering hormones and the male gender's reputation for "macking" but it's something I want to stomp out ASAP. I have no shot with either girl (both are graduates) but is my little head holding reign over my big head?

Next semester I have a new goal: Get an ugly girl's phone number/Email.
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