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You thought your life would just go by without a pause to wonder, don't be silly.

I think I brood well. The problem is that I do it too much. I can really get a lot of pleasure and interesting thought out of an hour of brooding but I tend to do it for like 4 hour stretches and before I know it I've brooded away the day. Today I was planning to read King Lear (again) so I could write my paper for it tomorrow, but it turns out that the email which had the assignment somehow got deleted from my I emailed the professor and now I'm not sure if I should read the book under the assumption that he will send me the questions in time for me to do the paper or just skim it enough to be prepared for class on tuesday. Since I'm a shiftless loser I'll probably do the latter. I should do SOME other homework though since I have a good deal of reading to catch up on and less and less time to do it. It kinda irritates me that I have so much going on at the same time but whatcha gonna do?

Hee-ann and I had lunch today and we talked a little about the people he knows from the law school. It surprised me how many more corporate lawyers are around in a big name lawschool than criminal lawyers. I usually think that intelligent people are more motivated/ethical/big picture oriented than those with "other talents" but it's really not true. In fact a lot of education and work is fueled by greed and selfishness. That's kind of disapointing when you think about it.

I saw the first episode of the Showtime series Jeremiah today and wow. I didn't think it was going to be any good and just caught it on a whim, and most of what I thought would be wrong with it IS wrong with it, except the main character is obsessed with his father who died when he was 11 and with disapointing said father. Ummm...can you say "Character I can relate to"? Of course there are differences between he and I, such as that he's living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and is played by Luke Perry so is extremely hot. But other than that...I can relate. To be honest I kind of wish I DID live in a post apocalyptic wasteland. I mean there would be disadvantages (6 billion people dead, no running water/working toilets, Carrot Top lives still because you can't kill him trust me I've tried!) and I suppose I would tire of it quickly, but it would be nice to have a GOAL even if it was as simple as survival. Yeah I want to save the world and yes that will keep me working in school, but it's not concrete. That's one of the nice things about Tv I guess, the world is never more than a few seasons out of reach.

Oh well my professor sent me the topics so I guess I should finish the play. It's interesting and a fairly quick read, so that's nice.

Random thoughts

- I have a TON of stuff to do over the coming weeks. Like 30% of my semester grades rely on what I do in the upcoming week or so. That's an ouchy

- I need some new CDs. Only Lifehouse is still wonderful and non-annoying in every way

- Skipping dinner ain't so bad

- I'm starting to feel bland and mundane. I need to get a bit wackier. I used to be a real sarcastic font of piss and vinegar but I've mellowed out and become responsible and afraid of what others think. Fuck that. That's NOT just Benny Being Benny.

- While taking the D&D LJ test thing I put down that my LEAST favorite place to live would be a city. Is that true? It very well might be.

-I go for weeks at a time without communicating with any female except my mother and professors. I have a feeling this is not usual.

-Quote of the day comes from Kawah:

GQTung: it's true
GQTung: ok that's a lie
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