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All we are is what we're told

I just found out that my mom's been spraying the dishwasher with boric acid in order to kill roaches. I find this practice fairly disconcerting. See I pointed out that spraying poison onto our dishes may be a bit unwise in that it means that WE ARE EATING ROACH POISON. She counters with the argument that the dishwasher gets rid of the poison AND that sometimes it doesn't wash away all the food so we have dried food on our dishes anyway. I'm not sure HOW one can make the argument that the dishwasher is thorough enough to get rid of the poison but not thorough enough to handle some dried tomato sauce, but she tried. Needless to say I am buying paper utensils today but I also am having a hypochondriac reaction to the fact that I have been eating poison for god knows how long. I'm made to feel a little better by the fact that she says it was my father's idea to begin with (Which means it has been going on for YEARS) and he was a biologist so should have some vague notion of what chemicals are too toxic to risk and what are within acceptable tolerances, but somehow I'm a little leary of taking toxic chemical advice from a man who drank a vial of cyanide. Call me suspicious. The saddest part is that we have many fewer roaches than we used to now thanks to the new combat, not the freaking poison (plus our building cycles between infested and not so much). *Sigh*

I have such a mountain of work to dig out from under that I'm nearly shutting down. Gotta keep going, gotta forge through to the other side...but DAMN. Life is going to be pretty rough for the next two weeks or so, but I will perservere and thrive. Yeah...thrive....that's the ticket. Nothing's going to stop me least not till I get my anthro questions today and come to understand how PROFOUNDLY unprepared I am for my mid term...

*In my best impression of Jeff Goldblum from "The Fly" (which isn't very good at all)":

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