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This embarassment will be behind me

Well I started out these two weeks of academic hell on a good note today when I got my second JUSTICE paper back. I got an A and the TA commented that it was a very good paper (that she had remembered it specifically out of a class of 115, and that she thought that it was good is, I think, a good thing) That should help to wipe away the tarnish of my B- on the first paper and to remind me that even under this level of pressure I am still capable of doing good academic work. This paper is also worth 15 percent of the grade as opposed to the 5 percent that the other paper was worth, so I've pulled myself up significantly by acing it. It's a nice confidence booster anyway.

Also today's Justice class was more interesting than the last few have been and somewhat re-inspiring. I felt this BEFORE I got my paper back so I know it's not just a grade related change of attitude. But the grade did boost my mood somewhat and I shall approach the rest of my work with renewed vigor. Yeah right.

*shrug* at least I can now firmly blame the fact that I fucked up the first paper on the length restriction and not on lack of understanding of the material. That's definitly a good thing for my ego. I should learn how to write shorter papers though. It's a useful skill.
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