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The whole god damned day

A slight break in the action....whew. So I got up at the crack of dawn today to write my King Lear essay. It's not terrible but definitly not up to the standards that I could have achieved with more time/if I had finished the play. Oh well, it's just a placeholder since we get to drop one essay grade. Still I probably won't do THAT badly.

I've got my test questions for both Anthro and Japanese History now and they look doable. Definitly going to take some serious work but I think I can do decently. The major issue right now is getting my reading done for my psych paper which I need to start researching on thursday. That's going to be more than a little bit of a bitch. It's only 10% of the final grade but I want to do well on it because I lack confidence as to my ability to ace the in class portion of the test.

IN other academic news I scored a 105 on my statistics mid term (I knew I had this one aced) and got a 10 on my latest problem set. That puts me in decent position to get an A+ in the class which would be a real aid to my GPA and not a bad way to maintain my record of one A+ per semester at school. Definitly something that I want to do and that shouldn't be TOO difficult as long as the course doesn't wildly switch direction (The formulas are tougher now but it's all open book tests so *shrug*.)

More and more as the semester progresses my life is JUST school. I have to steal moments to recreate or even to write in this journal. It's starting to bother me because I haven't even come CLOSE to achieving the personal goals that are currently more important than my academic goals, and yet they are constantly being back burnered. Just today I took a big step backwards by cancelling my attendance at the anthro study group because I don't want to be around 9 people at the same time (I don't like groups of more than five, I get uncomfortable and feel a strong desire to leave whenever I encounter them.)

*7 hours later*

Gah I have got to stop falling asleep in the middle of writing these. My mom's off to South Africa today so at least I'll have a little peace during this Mid-Term test glut. I don't know, I mean I guess I feel like gains in school are transitory because I never know when I'm just going to misjudge that very thin margin and fuck up, and I would like to be building more stable achievements like frienships or outside school skills/hobbies during this time period. It's frustrating for me to have to learn these skills when I'm playing in a league where most everybody is far more advanced than I am. But I'll get it eventually. And if I don't, well, did I mention I got 105 on my statistics test?


I did?
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