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It's incredible the ways my mother finds to irritate me. She called me again from South Africa to tell me about some storm or something down there. I mentioned that a friend of mine and I were considering driving up to our country house for the weekend and I asked where the keys to the house were. She told me that she lent the house and the car to her on again off again boyfriend for the whole time she's gone. Now it's her car (the house is more complicated, because when my father and she bought it they intended to pass it down to me, so I consider it half mine) and I have no problem with her lending it to her boyfriend, but she KNEW that I was considering going up and she should have TOLD me before she left. Instead she never mentioned anything until I already have semi-plans, and she proceeds to mention it like it's no big deal. It is a big deal to lend our house and car to someone she keeps threatening to break up with WITHOUT TELLING ME.

I really need to move out.

Other than that I think I'm just gonna head out to Hee-Anns and study for the art test. I am going to have to study for music tonight and then call that girl to see if she wants to study tomorrow. This is busier than I like to be but not so busy that it's oppressive. At least it will keep my mind off the fact that my mother feels that she can say "Whatever is mine is yours" and then proceed to lend our stuff to someone she doesn't really like without telling me.

I'm used to it by now.
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