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Better off dumb

Well I went through with the procedure and it was actually a pretty fun experience. The sensation of novacaine was quite new to me (It felt kind of like all the nerves in my mouth were fizzling out like dying lightbulbs) and the dentist did the wrong side first so my whole mouth got that nice numb feeling. Then there was the pushing and the pulling and the drilling and all that fun stuff, not to mention feeling how soft and supple my bottom lip is (Definitly a thumbs up!) and the great sensation of having bits of tooth actually pried out of my jaw bone which I really did like. Then there was cutting and sewing and...well...I guess it was pretty normal oral surgery. I quite liked it was interesting. Anyway after I made a mad dash home to grab my insurance card and go get my vicodin prescription filled before the numbness wore off. I was told it was only going to last 2 hours but in truth it was more like 3. Still got a little numbness in the mouth. Anyway the freaking pharmacy made me wait out in the park for an hour while they put the little pills in the little bottle but I had my discman so it wasn't too bad (I drowned out the drilling with Chris Isaac's "Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing" which I think the dentist appreciated since at the volume I was playing it at he could certainly hear it and he looked like he was groovin') And I picked up a bunch of slimfast and cold compresses at the pharmacy. Slimfast because it's a breakfast that requires zero in the way of chewing and ice packs because I think I'm going to try to go without taking any vicodin. This is supposed to be a rite of passage right? Well I'm not a masochist so if it gets REALLY nasty I'll pop a couple pills but I don't like feeling drugged anyway and I have some quick break compresses for now and 3 reusable ones so that I can keep cold constantly applied to the area. We'll see how I do, maybe I'll keep a diary of the pain. I've knocked out teeth before and if it's not worse than that I'll be fine. I have a fairly high pain tolerance. I am going to let the numbness wear all the way off just to see how bad it is and then I will apply some ice since that's good to reduce swelling and promote healing anyway

All in all a pretty good experience. Kinda sorry it's over since I was looking forward to it and I'm not really in enough pain to excuse doing much. But at least I got it over with and I can take this as a jumping off point.

Random Points

-The Pharmacy SUCKED. In every possible way. I hate them.
-Because the pharmacy made me wait that long the gauze in my mouth was so soaked with blood it was like two used red tea bags.
-And I was phlegmy and IT was so bloody that when I spit it out it was like concentrated raspberry syrup. Actually looked pretty cool but I guess the description is disgusting the rest of you.
-I left the milk out for 3 hours so it's probably cottage cheese. Sucks for me, no eatmeal. Slimfast for breakfast.
-I am in enough pain to be irritable but not enough to count as really suffering.

Oh well, the Novocaine's gone and I'm pretty much okay. It hurts but it's a dull throbbing pain which is not TOO bad. I'll post again if things change.

Heh if anyone read this far I'd be shocked.
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