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What is this that I can't see with ice cold hands taking hold of me.

Hmm okay it started hurting so bad that I was actually shivering. You know that you're feeling pain when you actually have a powerful physical reaction to it. I had to use two ice packs. The first, the one that the dentist gave me, did NOTHING. The second was one of the $2.50 Ace Ice packs I bought at Rite Aid. That brought the swelling down and the pain to a more reasonable managable level. I even nodded off for 15 minutes until the pack ran out of cold and I woke up. Heh it hurt so bad I couldn't taste the ice cream I tried to eat as food for my antibiotic. THe plan is that I will take the antibiotic because not to would be extremely stupid and I will manage the pain with ice packs. If I were REALLY trying to be a manly man I would just suck it up and go with nothing but I figure that not taking the anti-biotic would risk infection and cold compresses do no harm (Vicoden does) and reduce swelling to promote healing. So I'm striking a balance between pain and reason.

Some more random shit
- I got the two top teeth to bring home with me. I think the nurse was surprised when I asked for them because I'm 20 and it's a little kid thing, but damn it I wanted my teeth. The bottom one had to be broken into pieces because it was a stubborn one and so he just threw that one out. I'm proud of my tooth, it put up a hell of a fight. The dentist's forearms were really bulging there as he pried the pieces loose. GIVE EM HELL MOLEY THE THIRD MOLAR! GIVE EM HELL!

-The nurse was surprised that I kept saying thank you. I guess that most people aren't polite after having that sort of stuff done to their mouths. I actually liked it though. Does that make me crazy?

-Thank god for televised spring training baseball. When you're fading in and out of consciousness and can't focus there's nothing better than the slow ass sport of baseball where the score is liable to be the same when you come to as it was when you passed out. Either that or you'll still be in the same inning.

-It's nice to know that I can still get a rather disturbing erection when shuddering from pain and watching doughy Mo Vaughn (His name is Move On...that kicks ass) bat. It's kind of sad that I'm in my sexual prime now when I ain't gonna use it and I keep getting them at inappropriate moments and then if I eventually get to a point in my life when I WANT them they probably won't come.

-I'm getting O Brother Where ARt Thou because I liked the movie and I want to hear the commentary. The soundtrack deserves the 3 platinum records it got. Too bad none of the cash will reach the artists.
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