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I believed you

Well that was a sucky idea. One freaking night of fairly minor discomfort (I was shivering somewhat but I wasn't even half way to needing vicoden. I wasn't even at TYLENOL) and now it's just a swollen stiff jaw and a little taste of blood. I was expecting real AGONY here folks. I was expecting to be curled up in a cold shower tasting my own blood and half way to screaming. Instead I got what amounts to a minor inconvenience that doesn't even balance out the pleasurable feeling of the surgery. I can TALK already! Hell I was talking comprehensibly a few hours afterwards. Now I know this is an outpatient procedure and all so it's not like a REAL surgery...but people hyped it up to be a real painfest. Very disapointing. Hell I could have arranged a real spring break if this was all I was going to feel. Hardly what I was hoping for in the way of searing pain.

Although strangely I haven't really been hungry since then. I can barely taste food at this point cause of the swelling which might have something to do with it, but still you'd think I'd get at least hunger pangs since I skipped dinner and all. But nope. *shrug*. Oh well I can't complain. My upper teeth didn't hurt at ALL by the way. Just Moley the third molar who fought like the dickens. I wonder if these little indentations in my gums where the teeth used to be are going to go away...I hope not they feel nice. The bottom indent has sutures in it which is also a unique feel.

Oh well I'm dehydrated so I should go get a drink and then check to see if the milk is cottage cheese yet. All in all I think I hyped this whole wisdom teeth thing WAY too much. It was supposed to be dramatic and it was just normal. The doc was part of it too. He gave me vicoden a prescription pain killer that goes for a decent amount of cash on the street and made me think this was going to be a Big Deal. As it turns out, not so much.
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