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You don't understand what I'm attempting to explain

Well I had to go out to buy a hot compress which was a pain in the ass. It's part of being alone I guess, you gotta go out swollen cheek and all to get what you need cause nobody's going to do it for you. It took forever to buy it but when I got home with it

Well let's just say that I think I've discovered heaven and it's a microwaved Ace Hot Compress applied to a swolen cheek. My GOD it feels good...unbelievable...incredible...ambrosic. WOWSA.

Oh and I've discovered that if I tilt my head down my cheek DOES start hurting big time so I'm keeping it elevated. With the cold and warm packs I am going to have NO trouble making it through this. I really have to question if drugs can even BE as nice as the warm pack is since they take the edge off your mind and don't let you experience the pure sensual pleasure and relief of a hot piece of soft cloth applied to a swollen sore jaw. It's something everyone should feel at some point. It's THAT good.
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