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Shots in the dark from empty guns

More Random room cleaning stuff:

When I was taking time off from school and basically playing Everquest all the time I did a lot of reading of bargain books I bought off Amazon. One of these books was "The Rules" For someone who was already pretty soured on women this one really did a number on my opinion of them. It's a sort of interesting read sociologically, but don't read it if you don't want to have a voice in the back of your mind that says "Is she just fucking with me" whenever you speak to a woman.

Dilbert Pencils rock

I still can't bring myself to throw away anything my daddy gave me or anything that belonged to him. He was the only person who ever loved me and even when I'm old bitter and alone having wasted my life and done nothing of value whatsoever I will still remember the time I had with him. File it under pathetic but true.

My haircut really sucks. Really Really. Big time.

My room was so messy that I started to run out of 30 gallon trash bags to put all the garbage in. Fortunatly as I cleaned I kept discovering boxes of empty trash bags from PAST cleaning efforts that had one or two more bags left to keep me going. I think that qualifies as pathetic.

I have oodles more capactiy for hatred towards women than towards men. I think this is because so many women feel entitled to act like complete bitches and recieve no consequences and the impotent men of the modern era just let them. Arrgh.

I'll probably get this room clean by this weekend if I really want to. That'll be nice.
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