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If you told me to follow you know I'd fly for you

Hmm. Okay. The latest Chris Isaak album is definitly growing on me. I guess it's just like "Speak of the devil" another polished album of his. You need to peel back the layers of polish to get at the music underneath. It's still not entirely cookie cutter, Isaak still holds his notes a fraction of a beat too long and makes strange, interesting, musical choices (He writes his own stuff). worked it out wrong is quite good, and Let me Down Easy still has that lazy unrushed feeling that I love about his stuff. I don't know, it's not my favorite of his albums but it still gets me out of New York and into a much simpler, rolling western plains frame of mind. I don't know, maybe it's the oceans that make east and west coast music feel so much sharper and more pointed than that in a more middle America Style. It's like you can only go in one direction so you go there really fast instead of just strolling around in lazy circles through the crabgrass and elm forests.

My cousin that I hate stayed here last night. I stayed in my room. I just can't stand her. She's sponged off my family all my life, always came along on our vacations and ruined them for me by just generally being a pain in the ass, and she's connected to my Aunt Susan who is...ugh. Making it even creepier I'm named after her father who died before I was born. I hate feeling like a prisoner in my own home, but then again it doesn't really feel like my homse. Of course now that my room is significantly cleaner it's nicer to stay in, so at least that's one positive.

I'm at the point in the cleaning when I need to start moving furniture around so I can dust and sweep the crud that's been behind it for years away. This is going to be a pain. meanwhile I should be studying for my mid term and I probably will a little but I can't get motivated to do that.

I only have six more weeks of class left. It's not that much, as long as I make it through this mid term without doing too badly I'll make it out alive. I'm a little concerned about the grades I'll be getting tomorrow but whatever. This vacation flew by because I was in a pain induced haze. Kinda depressing really. But at least I got the wisdom teeth thing done and cleaned a good portion of my room. That's a plus.

I didn't however get around to reading all the books like I said I was going to. Disapointing but not going to discourage me. Starting Monday it's a relatively new me! I'm going to continue to buld towards who I want to be, brick by brick. Instant transformations are not something you can do on demand. But you can painstakingly institue change in your life. Or at least I'm banking on that hope.
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