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Nothing to say now, nowhere to hide.

Well...that was interesting. So I got yelled at over AIM for a solid couple of hours over my last post. It turned into a sort Onion like "Justify Your Existance" experience of trying to explain why I had the right to be breathing and alive and walking around etc. I think I succeeded in proving that it wasn't my moral obligation to slit my own throat then and there in order to make the world a better place, but it was a strange experience. Sort of a surreal plot of "The Lynching Jurist demands to see the suspect so he can attempt to change her mind which is already made up, he convinces her that he's not the horrific criminal she thought he'd been and that even the most damning character evidence at least had a little bit of explanation to it, if not an excuse, and then eventually she reveals her own vulnerabilities and prejudices." See the thing is that she was really mad because....oh wait my chauvanistic ways don't allow me to reveal a lady's personal information without her permission. Oh well. I will say that we ended up talking for 4:45 which meant I didn't get to bed till 4:30 which threw off my sleep schedule the day before my test, so that sucked, but at least I learned a little something and I think managed to reduce the number of people in the world who absolutely despise me by one.

So now I'm left with a question. Should I abandon LJ communities to protect my privacy? Should I just make certain posts private or friends only? (Kinda defeates part of the purpose I had in making this journal) or should I just leave it all out there, keep going, and hope that if more people starting hating me in an intense and personal manner I will be able to deal with it or convince them that hey I'm not the worst form of life ever to process oxygen. I don't know...I'll have to think on that. But hey at least I survived this time with all my emotional parts intact. That's something.

Damn you Jeff! I'm getting into Basketball the same way I got into football. Through a videogame. I really don't need another sports addiction. I'll get you Jeffrey!
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