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Going, almost gone.

I only have like 3 seconds between classes. I just wanted to remark that I have a lot of energy still although things have sped up somewhat from the initial event. I also got a 33.5/35 on my Japanese history test which is good. It means I am easily on track for an A in that class which is nice for my GPA. I'm a little upset that I got 1 point off for overuse of quotes since I only used the quotes cause most profs like them but oh well. I'm starting to worry about the lit hum test. I NEED to get in the 90s or I need to get an A on my next two papers in order to have a guaranteed A in that class. Otherwise I'm in danger of an A-, and considering the fact that it's a 4 point class and my GPA is already going to take a hit from Psych I want that A!

God I sound so grade obsessed and I'm really not (Not a word Dr. X. Not a frigging word!) but I want to convince myself that 6 classes wasn't a mistake and I can handle it I'm okay I'm fine I'm okay yada yada. Whatever, it's not that important in the grand scheme. I gotta go teach now so I guess I'll save my rant on individualism for a little later. I know that all none of you are really looking forward to it and I hate to disapoint. Actually I don't mind disapointing, it's the bricks through the window I get in response that irritate me
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