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Music test soon and panic has sort of set in. I still have 3.5 hours to study and for me that should be more than enough. There's not all that much that I don't feel comfortable with and I just need to brush up on stuff. I decided not to call that girl to study because I have a headache and I don't think I would be much help at this point. If she needs my help she has my number.

Taught my first GED session today along with Hee-Ann. There were only 4 people in the class and it was pretty easy and fun. Definitly helped me to understand some of what instructors go through when they are teaching in terms of running out of time and not being able to cover all the material that they would like to. I still feel that Hee-Ann is overly condescending towards his students but there really isn't anything I can do about that except try not to be that way. I think I am going to ask if they'll let me teach my own class next semester. I am pretty sure I can hack it. The community impact office is truly and shockingly tiny and understaffed. It's kinda funny but also kinda sad. Oh well, not my responsibility. I am finally ready to go out there and volunteer, by myself and in an engaging task.


I feel terrible and alone. Yeesh. I hate studying

I hate it a lot.

My head has been way off kilter today....gah...can't even write half decently.

Sorry about this entry, it will happen again.
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