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Been starved for attention before

Hmmm...okay well I think this zone diet thing has definitly given me a boost of energy. usually around this time I'm struggling to stay awake but right now I'm pretty unphased by the lateness. Plus I was finally able to pay attention during psych class. Way cool.

Other random shit:

In Justice class a chick borrowed my pen (I only had one but she asked for it so I gave it up because I'm chivalrous like that and I used a blunt pencil. Then she tried to walk off with my pen! Grr.

Also in justice I asked the professor whether he thought an Effort*contribution form of distribution would work as distributive justice. He just flat out said no. Ouch.

I'm definitly doing the EC for psych...that way I have a pretty good shot at an A-. That makes me pretty happy.

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