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...and I feel fine

Well how DO you do? I know I've been harping on this point recently but I feel REALLY good. Super mega ultragood. I don't know whether it's the new diet which has given me additional energy and less guilt, or the decent grades in all my classes but psych which have given me a more than middling shot at maintaining my GPA above 3.7 this semester which should be my hardest, or if it's just the fact that spring has sprung but I truly do feel like a new, happier person. Things aren't PERFECT of course but they feel like they're moving in the right direction and I'm HAPPY about that. I mean I'm actually HAPPY. This is fucking WEIRD.

Maybe it's just that I had a class off today so, perversly, it feels more vacationay than my spring break. I don't know.

A big part of it though is that I think I'm finally over she-who-will-hopefully-never-grace-this-journal-again. I can deal with things related to her without flinching or feeling crappy. That's a load off my mind. Didn't even take 3 months this time. Maybe I'm getting a little tougher.
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