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Chock full of diamonds.

After a week of not eating much in the way of refined sugar things are definitly starting to taste a lot sweeter. I guess having so much sugar in our diets is even more of a waste than I thought, since we only increase overall gustatory pleasure by very little and increase empty calories by a heaping load.

I wonder if engineers and the like are catagorically smarter (on average) than humanities or soft science people. Whenever people talk about academic pursuits like electrical engineering or calculas they describe them as "grueling" or "Really hard" whereas the humanities and sociology etc are less so. Does this mean that the smarter people gravitate towards the more scientific pursuits or just the opposite because smart people don't want to be stuck doing grueling cruddy work? I don't know, although the fact that economics can be as inexact and useless as sociology at points seems to imply that if the smarter people are doing the tougher subjects they aren't neccesarily doing them much better than the dumbos are doing the easier stuff.

I hate holidays that close stores but don't give me a day off.

Traveling in the NBA is not only incredibly prevelant but also symptomatic of other fundementals the pros ignore.

I have more energy than I know what to do with right now. Maybe I should get in the habit of just heading outside for walks. Might be good exercise not to mention refreshing for the mind.

I added a lot of interests to my profile. I am one of only 7 LJers who have Righteous Indignation as an interest. Wacky.
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