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Hey, like a chump

Wow. Talk about egg on my face.

I commited the sort of faux pas that you only see in old I Love Lucy Reruns or if you're watching Jing. Turns out that anonymous stranger who posted here recently wasn't quite as anonmyous as I thought. Turns out that she was in fact the (semi) ex-girlfriend of one of my friends who for some unfathomable reason has my journal linked to his website. Turns out further that the example I used to show the irrationality of the female gender was, in fact, something she has much more *erm* intimate knowledge about than I do, if you get my drift. Yeah, so that wasn't so much an "Open Mouth Insert Foot" situation as "Open Mouth, Insert Entire Wooly Mammoth Starting With The Feet and Continuing To Jam Its Furry Ass Into My Mouth Until Not Even The Trunk Is Visible Anymore". I should really apologise except I'm not sure how one does that with a mis-step this grotesque in nature. I mean it's the sort of thing you don't expect to see outside a Jerry Louis film, Jing Li excluded. I do feel stupid and chastened though if that means anything. I mean beyond being gruesomely rude it is also extremely stupid argument to use second hand knowledge to try and refute a first hand account of a situation. That's like saying "Well what you saw didn't go down like that because I wasn't there but I heard your account was wrong." It makes no sense.

So I apologise, I feel like an idiot, and I think I'm just going to go crawl into a corner and not say anything else about anything I don't have EXPLICIT personal knowledge of for a long long time.

In other news I did go for a nice walk (With my friend who got some amusement out of my squirming at the news of what I'd done) which helped to burn off some of my excess energy. However it prevented me from doing some school work. I'll get my stat done tonight but I'm going to have to deal with my Lit papers at a later point and that's because I'm a giant stupid. Most of my life seems to be in order but academics are still a crapshoot with my grades being fine but my actual work ethic being dwarfed by my non-existant romantic experience.

P.S. I hate lending out DVDs. The sign of the real insane collecter. No reason to mention this but I'm antsy since I have like 10 residing in other people's care right now and that makes me worried. Carry on with your laughing at me.
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