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Gentlemen mark your opponents, fire into your own ranks

Not much happened today, it was actually rather calm and relaxing. Lit-Hum was cancelled on account of the professor actually observes Jewish holidays (He doesn't wear a yarmulke but his focus IS Hebrew literature so I'm guessing that he isn't just using it as an excuse to cut class. On a secondary side note I made a comment on tuesday based on skimming through the book during class which the professor said he'd never thought of before but was planning to steal for all future classes because it made a lot of sense. Doesn't that kind of thing make you feel at least a little bit guilty?)

Instead of just using the extra time to zone out and watch DVDs or play video games though I decided to actually do some of the reading for Japanese. I read most of the Novel Kokoro which is actually a pretty damned good book, and was able to make an informed reading response for once which I'm pretty proud of. One of my post Wisdom Teeth resolutions was to do more of the reading and this is a step in the right direction. Of course it did highlight one of the problems which was that reading most of the book took the whole damned day, but nevermind that.

Anyway my classes went by pretty quickly. Japanese History is usually a blast and since all the tests are Take Homes there's no pressure to cram facts into your head so you can actually sit back and pay attention to the big picture. Statistics was just short, although there were a few irritating things. First of all when I got there the two girls from my project group were sitting up front but neither of the guys bothered to show up. Now you know how much I LOVE to be the only guy in a multiple female group (That would be not very much for any recent readers who might think I am refering to sexual concepts rather than mysanthropic/mysoganistic ones) so I sat down with my headphones on and focused my eyes on a corner of the blackboard, hoping that by doing so I could hold off any discussions about the project until I could get some masculine backup. (We were supposed to discuss the project before class today and I figured that if it were just the chicks and myself decisions could be made democratically that would have us doing statistics on Backstreet Boys concert ticket sales, or whatever else chicks are into) Well neither of the other guys ever did come but the two girls seemed quite content to just talk amongst themselves and I was enjoying one of my absolute favorite songs of all time (Walk Unafraid by REM) so it wasn't like I was torturing myself to make a point. Diana kept glancing back either at me or the door behind me, I couldn't tell with my eyes fixed on the blackboard, but nobody bothered to tap my shoulder or anything so I figure that no decisions were made, or at least if they were I can appeal them on account of my being there but not consulted.

The class was super short (like 50 minutes rather than 75) and afterwards I was hanging around to talk to the professor and Diana hung back too. She mentioned that the other chick (I probably should call her a girl or a woman, but I'm an arrogant somewhat offensive son of a bitch and I think chick has just enough of a needling quality to be the right word) had sent out an email which neither she (Diana) nor I had gotten. Anyway she was still hanging back and finally she asked me whether I was waiting for the professor and when I said that I was she split. This wouldn't be significant except that it implies that she was waiting for me (If I wasn't going to be too long) and confuses me in that its seemed in the past like she's wanted to AVOID walking out of class with me. When Adam's in class we both head out with him and that's fine but we never established a protocol for when he's cutting. That's another thing I hate about dealing with the female gender. It's just awkward. If I hang back and wait for her while she chats with the prof (Like I would for a male friend) is that some sort of untoward and unintended sign of something I don't want to give a sign of? It's all very confusing. Oh well at least I'm ignoring my instincts and not being a total asshole to her. That's progress. Although there is the problem of the fact that we were supposed to arrange some kind of study something before the mid-term and now I don't have anyone's email address (was hoping to get them off Otherchick's email) so that's not gonna happen. But that's allright, I should be okay anyway.

I read some more of the zone books and they are much more demanding than I have been. Oh well. I'm not going to sweat it until I stop losing weight this way.

I might be coming down with some kind of sickness. That would suck.

I have so much reading to do over this weekend it is far from funny. Definitly gonna have to start writing some papers soon. That kind of sucks.

My psych TA now thinks that I'm an idiot and an asshole but I think it's just because he's extremely touchy. *shrug* I've been called worse.
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