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I took my music exam and I know that I got at least one question worth 5 points wrong. Oh well, it won't make or break me but it is disapointing. Thank god that class is over though, I wish I could say that I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders but I don't. I guess school has not been occupying very much of my mental space these days. That's a good thing in a way.

I'm tired now and I am facing the reality of not having anything that I have to do. This is going to leave me more time to think which could be a good or bad thing depending on what I think about. I hope I don't get caught back up in this summer's blockbuster entertainment spectacular: Titanic II (In which I get sunk and my hopes have very few survivors.)

This entry sucks but it had to be made eh? Paul is going to move to canada.

How Aboot that.
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