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I won't come down

Okay, so before I relate the rest of my day I wanted to mention an event that just took place. I went to the movies with Hee-Ann (Death To Smoochy, good flick, needed more Robin Williams) and started whining about how he hadn't given me a chance to eat dinner and since I plan to fast today (Saturday) due to it being the anniversary of my father's suicide that meant that I wouldn't get a chance to eat until sunday. He responded by buying a huge super combo at the theatre of a sack of popcorn and a vat of soda. I briefly thought about giving in but instead decided to buy a water. The guy told me it cost $3.24. For a small bottle of warm water. Here's where the story gets kinda weird. I told Hee-Ann that I felt violated by that price and he agreed it was ludicrous. The guy at the register seemed a little embarassed and it turned out that he was the manager and set the prices. I told him that I wasn't blaming him or anything and it was more of an institutional movie theatre price gouging violation vibe I was feeling than anything personal. He seemed okay with that and gave me my change. Except he gave me far too much. $18.76. I told him he had undercharged me and he took back one dollar and said he was sorry and he should have given me $17.76. Of course I soon realized that this was faulty as well and after the movie I went back to return the extra dollar. I think most people would have felt morally okay after returning the first dollar, since it's not like stores are accomedating when they OVERCHARGE you, but that's just not me. Had a devil of a time giving it back though, they kept asking what register I bought the water at, like somehow I was supposed to remember that after a 2 hour movie. Eventually we figured it out and they took the money but it took long enough that I didn't make it back home in time for anything to eat before midnight. So the short version is that I did the ethical thing and returned the money but in doing so basically made it so that not only am I not going to eat for the next 22.5 hours (daylight savings) but I haven't had anything to eat since some soup at 4:30 PM and actually ended up with a whole lot of saved blocks from yesterday that I never got to spend.

Was I stupid to do the ethical thing in this situation? After the first attempt at returning the cash should I have just taken it and run?

I don't know. I think I did the right thing and I'd be able to sleep well tonight knowing I resisted multiple types of temptations if I wasn't so freaking hungry. That's life though. Ethics is for suckers like myself.
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