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I write everything down except what's on my mind

So I spent most of today sorting through old journal entries and filling in my memories folder. It was an interesting experience, looking back at the past year of my life and all the things that have happened during it, many of the thoughts I've had and decisions I've made. I ended up with 132 memories out of like 350 entries which might suggest that I am indiscriminant in what I count as a memory, but I think suggests more that I like most of the stuff that I've written. In truth I really liked a lot of my old entries. Thought they were fairly well crafted. Maybe that's just empty pride, but what the hey. It was a monumental task but I did it and I'm proud.

It was kind of fun to go back over stuff to. To remember the Cat debacle. And back when Elenelle was still the mysterious and Nefarious Dr. X (She was named after her chromosome). I miss Dr. X. Anyway there were some entries that were difficult to read again but there were also signs of progress and things that made me smile. Definitly makes me feel like this whole journaling thing has been worthwhile. So if you guys want to get a crash course on me it's all there in the memories section, nicely divided up by topic and crossreferenced for your amusement. Yeah right.

In other news I found it really easy to go back on the zone after fasting for 31 hours and then eating an extremely unhealthy meal. In fact I can honestly say that the junkfood meal didn't taste nearly as good as it used to. My tastes have changed over the past couple of weeks and I couldn't wait to have my bowl of cottage cheese and fruit this morning. If you refrigirate the fruit it tastes even better.

I also did about half of my stat homework due tuesday which is quite a productive sunday for me (I usually PLAN to work and do nothing, today I managed to complete some homework AND a personal project.) I might be ready for thursday's test after all. It IS open book so formula memorization isn't an issue.

Things ain't too bad these days. I guess that takes away from some of my edge and intensity, but perhaps that's not such a great price to pay. Anyway I'm sure something will set me off soon enough and I'll be back to ranting passionatly about various and sundry things.

But for now. Peace.
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