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Find yourself a mastermind in time

Today was rather bland. I spent the morning doing easy stat homework and watching the Maury Povitch show (Yeah I just wanted to avoid being sucked into something interesting.) The way Maury saved those women from their abusive husbands, he's a saint. A freaking SAINT. You're a hero Maury. You'll always be my hero.

Anyway, after I finished the stat I headed off to Lit-Hum which was okay. There was an observer in the class and I kept trying to figure out whether he was there to rate the professor (He's young, maybe even a grad student although he teaches better than many full profs) or to learn from him. Anyway I made some good comments and some not so good ones, below average day except for the jokes that I made. We were doing Faust and my line about "Where on a Grad School application would one list unholy powers? Special Talents?" went over well. Also my response to the question "What does Faust's seeing a beautiful woman in the mirror really mean?" Was good. I said "Maybe Faust is, in fact, himself a beautiful woman." The professor said "Not often do I proclaim an interpretation flat out wrong, but this time I'm just going to tell Ben that he's...well...wrong." Then I gave the correct answer which was that he needed to look inside himself for the answers and that finding fulfillment in the mirror is actually finding fulfillment within oneself.

I really should do some of the reading for the next class.

I got home and made myself some lunch, checking my stat homework to make sure that it didn't have any obvious flaws. Then there was Japanese which was interesting except that the room was hot and I kept nodding off. Even worse, I was in the front row. I think part of the problem is that I'm still wearing my big jacket cause I LOVE the pockets. They store so much great stuff! Anyway I spent most of the class jabbing pens into my flesh and smushing my toes so that I would feel enough pain not to sleep. I did nod off at one point and drop a pen but at least the prof could see I was making an effort. We were talking about interwar Japan and I did learn some neat stuff. DId you know Japan had flappers and they were called Modern Girls and everyone thought they were the end of traditional values?

Statistics was a review session which I didn't really need. I got another 9.9 on a homework so that means I've definitly lost at least .1 of a homework grade. That's .01x30/9. Pretty severe. I'm pretty ready for this mid term, and I'm going to study with Diana tomorrow in Butler so I should definitly be prepared by the time it actually comes around. Butler's still the one place I don't like to go because of she-who-I-am-apparently-doomed-to-ramble-on-about-forever. Working with her there was such an AWESOME experience, one of my fondest memories since dad died and then when she showed me the Butler echo...*shrug* No matter what bad crap came later at least I'll maintain that day as an incredible moment in my life. She WAS pretty amazing.

GED class blew. I gave the post test and TRIED to get them to think critically about a science times article but it was pretty pointless. I could not seduce anything really worthwhile. At least they did well on the post test, except for Eun Jin who refused to take the test and instead scribbled down notes from the articles in it, which is kind of sad because the GED is about interpretation not knowledge.

I don't know if I want to teach again this summer. I think I do but maybe I need a break. I might have the decision made for me since I've taken too long to decide, but we'll see.

That was pretty much my day. Fairly bland and somewhat exhausting. Oh well. They can't all be April 9th 1997. Whoo. Now THAT was an April 9th.
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